Secondary education in Sri Sumangala college is basically of two sections as Junior Secondary Education and Senior Secondary Education. Junior secondary education is from grade 6 to grade 9. Moreover, senior secondary education ranges from grade ten to grade thirteen. Therefore, in total, a student has to spend eight years to complete secondary education. Moreover, as in Sri Sumangala college, after the first national examination which is the grade five scholarship examination, a child can start his secondary education regardless of the results of that exam. Therefore, secondary education is a golden opportunity for students in our school to improve their skills in many fields.

Junior Secondary Education

Students from age 11 years to 14 years are in the junior secondary education stage. The curriculum contains twelve mandatory subjects that a student should learn during this period. They are as follows.

  1. Religion
  2. Mathematics
  3. First Language (Sinhala or Tamil)
  4. Aesthetic Subject (Art, Eastern music, Western music, Drama and theatre, Dancing)
  5. Science
  6. English
  7. Secondary Language (Tamil or Sinhala)
  8. Health and Physical Education
  9. Geography
  10. History
  11. Life competencies and citizenship education
  12. Practical and technical skill
Apart from teaching these subjects, the education system has proper mechanisms to evaluate the children’s learnings as well. Accordingly, term-end examinations and assignment-based approaches are available to assess their improvements and to keep them on track.

Senior Secondary Education

The senior secondary education consists of Grade 10 to Grade 13 and is divided in two main sections They are as follows.

  1. Key Stage One
  2. Key Stage Two

Which will focus on the Ordinary Level General Certificate of Education and Advanced Level General Certificate of Education examinations.

1. Key Stage One

The Key Stage One consists of Grade 10 and 11 where the students are encouraged to solely focus on the Ordinary Level examination.

Subjects offered in Key Stage One are,

Main Subjects:

  • Sinhala as a First Language
  • English
  • Mathematics (Sinhala Medium & English Medium)
  • Science (Sinhala Medium & English Medium)
  • Religion (Buddhism)

Basket subjects

Basket 1Basket 2Basket 3
Citizenship EducationWestern MusicHealth & Physical Education
Entrepreneurial EducationEastern MusicAgriculture & Food Technology
Business studiesDancingHome Economics
JapaneseDrama And TheatreArt & Craft
English LiteratureCommunication and Media Studies
Sinhala LiteratureDesign & Construction Technology
2. Key Stage Two

This section of the school is divided into four distinct streams, the Mathematics stream, the Science Stream, the Commerce Stream and the Arts Stream. The students are given practical and theoretical knowledge in their chosen stream.

The below subjects will be offered in Sinhala language.

Subject offered in advanced level science and mathematics stream.

PhysicsChemistryBiologyCombined Maths
AgricultureICTGeneral EnglishGeneral Knowledge

Subject offered in advanced level Arts and commerce streams.

AccountingSinhalaBuddhist CivilizationSinhala
Business StudiesCommunication Media StudiesHistoryEastern Music
Information and Communication TechnologyLogicDrama and TheatreHistory of Europe
EconomicPolitical ScienceDancingArt
Communication Media StudiesJapanese